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Daylilies progress!

I will start by saying it has been several weeks since I posted any news so my apologies for those who have been waiting for my Watercolor Travel Kit as promised. I will be posting that on a separate post showing you how you can easily put one together for a very reasonable price. Mostly, I love it because it is small and compact but can expand and holds a good amount of wells for colors, yet small enough for a purse or back pack. Doing some outdoor sketches in watercolor as well to show you how to sketch quickly then add watercolor over your sketch. You can easily fill up your sketchbook with studies while out in the field and it is alot of fun to enjoy the outdoors while painting in watercolor! I will be taking you on some field trips with me and show you where I find inspiration!

I also wanted to share with you a progress shot of "Daylilies" which will be one of the Online Watercolor Tutorials available in the portfolio of watercolor tutorials to learn step-by-step with me. Just a few more details and it will be ready for class. I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to write me with kind words regarding my Mom as she comes nearer to the end of her life. I thank everyone for your patience! It has meant so much too me receiving your kind messages and emails! I feel we have a nice community of creative people here and I hope to grow it further!

Happy Painting,


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