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About Brynn

About Brynn

Light Color & Nature
Watercolor & Oil Paintings

Capturing the light for this native Californian is a symbolic gesture which serves as a reminder that accurately represents the beauty of Brynn Carroll's birthplace. Warm, sun drenched summers hiking the luscious California National Forests or discovering the perfect place to paint along California's coastal beaches and nature preserves transformed Brynn's perceptions and observations impacting her painting process and choice of imagery.

It would be the foreign influence from a Japanese painter who rendered significance to Brynn's creative beginnings. At six years old, Brynn's first paint brush was a gift from her Japanese mentor - an avid, robust painter by the name of Marianne Huntsinger. Hours spent playing, drawing and painting in the Japanese Tea House on Marianne's property near her family's home was a creative haven set among koi ponds, waterfalls and large pomegranate tree's.

Marianne's artistic lifestyle and studio environment helped nurture Brynn's creative urges from a young age and would mark a significant change that could only be understood years later upon reflection.  While attending American River College to obtain her Fine Arts Degree and teaching credential, Brynn's focus was primarily 2 dimensional work in Oils and Watercolors.

As Brynn focused her academic studies towards the Fine Arts, the influences from many professors shaped her future color aesthetics. Two of the most influential instructors were Gary Pruner and Wayne Thiebaud.  After attending American River College, Brynn would continue her studies and  attend University California State of Sacramento as well as extension courses at University California State Davis under the tutelage of Wayne Thiebaud to further her studies in color theory for the CA Realists. This would mark another pivotal point in Brynn's evolution with color aesthetics.  As Brynn completed her courses, inspiration came from studying the Realists, Fauves, and Color movements happening in the California region. A conscious decision to focus on color theory and realistic forms from nature took shape as she began to transform her style.


Brynn Carroll Gallery

Historic District Folsom, CA

Get Inspired! Check out Brynn's portfolio

Sunlight Swim Original Watercolor by Brynn Carroll
Summer Lily by Brynn Carroll
Rose with Water drops by Brynn Carroll
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