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Online Watercolor Workshops!

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing well during these strange times as we slowly get back to some sense of normal. I know I am immersed in painting a lot of new works and that feels productive. This lock down seems to not affect artists as much. Most of us can be found in our studio's happily painting away. One of the best ways to transform all this strange energy going on in the world is to create!

I am so excited to finally make my decision to teach in the format of Online Watercolor Workshops! So many of you have written asking about my classes and when they would be available. For many reasons, I have decided to offer Online Watercolor Workshops where I can be available to do demonstrations, answer questions and provide additional guidance in a studio setting! More one on one time so I can help you get through any hurdles you might have or if you want to learn a new way to approach watercolors! I learn new ways all the time by experimenting!


Dates - Times - and Cost - will be sent through email notifications

so make sure you have subscribed to our mailing list!

These classes will have a limited number and with so many asking for these classes they may fill up fast! You will need a computer, Tablet or phone and we will meet up together in Real Time! Details will be sent out soon! I have met so many wonderful people online, all over the country and in other countries. I look

forward to seeing you all in my classes!

The kindness of your emails have also helped me a lot after so much loss in my life I needed to step back and regroup, regain and revitalize!

If you would like to send me feedback about the workshops please do!

See you all in class!

Happy Painting!

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