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Hummingbirds to Watercolors!

Many species of Hummingbirds are found here in the Arizona Desert which flutter about my property and fascinate me to capture in watercolors! Even in the winter, they can be found searching for nectar in my plants or feeder. They particularly hover near my water fountain and sip quickly at the waters edge making for hours of observation of their patterns. Anna's Hummingbirds, Calypte anna - Native and Common - Occur in the southeastern mountains (particularly Huachucas, Santa Ritas, Santa Catalinas, Mules) Some are year-round resident in the lower elevations of southern and central Arizona where I live; while others are common visitors late summer through early fall. They are supposed to be more rare in summer but they never seem to leave a full feeder I always have waiting for them. In my observations, I occasionally capture a good photograph of them which I will be using for my online Watercolor Class as a resource photograph which I won't share here. I specifically keep their feeders out of the sun which makes for a difficult shot to capture the sparkling colors of the

throat in a ruby red or fuchsia color. It doesn't hinder my efforts in capturing these illusive yet charming gems of the desert though.

Currently, I am working on more drawings I am really excited about with alot of color which will be part of my Online Watercolor Tutorials available to you! Stay tuned! I will be updating that Watercolor Classes very soon!

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