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Staying organized in small studio spaces!


I received an email from Emily asking how I organize my space. Truth be told, I have three working spaces. One for video production, the second area for painting oils and larger watercolors & the third is for video editing/computer work. All 3 areas are as organized as I can make these relatively small spaces which I call my work-horse-creative-spaces. For many reasons the Tiny House movement comes to mind and how every square inch of space is utilized.

One of the small works area in my studio!

While I don't live in a tiny home, there are clever ideas to take away from these genius space saving engineers who build and design these homes. When you are dealing with small spaces where you do your creative work, consider how well organized these tiny homes are and take away a few ideas to organize your space more efficiently.

Use a door or a painting for more storage options!

If your space must act as double and triple duty like mine, it helps to keep as organized as possible and everything easily available at your fingertips. Creating an organized space helps me to stay more productive and move through tasks quickly.

Here are a few of my space must-haves for:

1. Painting

2. Matte and Framing

3. Store Business files/paperwork/mailers/promotional pieces for direct mail marketing

4. Shipping supplies and materials

5. Store paints for both oils and watercolors

6. Film online classes

7. Edit online classes

8. Store paintings both Watercolors and Oils (I also use a large crate where larger pieces are stored)

9. Drawing materials and watercolor travel boxes and kits

10. Photography equipment/ Lighting Equipment

11. Tables that roll and can configure to other shapes as projects require

12. 10 ft art trailer where pro panels and pop up gallery items are stored for outdoor events

13. Large easel that can fold down to a table or shift in different positions which make it so very useful when painting different sized works and as an Oil painter, I have always lie my paintings flat for a majority of the work and then sit them upright to do final touches. A good easel is a must for me but can be bulky in small spaces

14. LED lights above on ceiling that can turn to be positioned as needed over work space

15. Make a list of what you must have and what is not so urgent. Keep a list and make small steps to complete everything on your list.

Then, go create your organized Studio space!

As luck would have it, I live near an Ikea and so grateful I do. It's my go to place for finding bargain items for organizing as well as Craigslist. I really love Ikea for organizing my studio space!

Try this space saving organizing system for a closet from IKEA!

That's it for Part One of the tour of my studio. Look for Part Two of my studio tour in future Blog posts.

Feel free to leave comments below

on how you keep your studio organized!

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