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The Two things You Need to Build a Drawing Habit

Each week I try to commit to one full day of drawing. It is all I can commit to with my painting schedule and sometimes it is a daunting task. In saying that, all these ideas I have had rolling around in my imagination inspired me to get back to basics and draw out my visions. A deep love of Botanicals and the natural world combined with my interest in surrealism I was drawing at a young age, inspired me to delve a bit deeper on paper to see what might manifest.

Here is where I like to work out ideas and allow myself to play. Drawing today is in many ways indebted to the expansive and innovative approach to artistic creation and the primacy of drawing encouraged by surrealism. I am most at ease in my studio with a cup of hot tea, flowers & drawing paraphernalia around me to inspire a creative mood where the imagination can roam freely.

Here are the two things that will help you build a drawing habit:

1) Commitment Before you can begin a habit, you need to be committed. Do you really want to be better at drawing? Your desires mean very little without actions.“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”– Japanese Proverb When you want to build a habit, the important thing to remember to not start out too big. Big goals and dreams are great…ideal, even! But oftentimes the steps to greatness are small, calculated decisions. Commit to your big goal to be better and commit to the small steps you need to take to get there.

While in College, those 5 minute sketches went by fast so begin with 5 minutes and work your way from there in small increments. Start with simple spheres if you haven't been drawing or have never drawn before and make sure to set small goals and master them. Start small! Minimum commitments build to a maximized future.

2) Passion A habit will die out if passion is not part of the equation. There’s a very important distinction here: Not all habits have to be “fun.” For example, in 2016 I wanted to be healthier and use my time more wisely, and to do that I woke up around 5am or earlier every day. It was not fun. However, waking up early allowed me to have more time to work on projects I was excited about and to be more active--two things I am passionate about. The habit itself does not have passion behind it, but the habit should move you closer to something you are passionate about. A drawing habit might sound like fun, but sometimes the practice is mundane, frustrating, and repetitive. I see myself getting better as I flip through old sketchbooks. I am passionate about being the best illustrator I can be, and practicing the mundane things is one habit that helps me get there. To build a habit successfully, you need to commit and you need passion. What habit will you create?

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