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The Beauty of Watercolors

with Brynn Carroll
Upcoming Workshop!
Time: Saturday - Aug 8 & 9 2020                   10:00am - 4:00pm MST
Cost:  $200

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Join me for this two day workshop where we will focus on using several techniques in watercolor such as; wet-into-wet, dry brush, washes and multiple layering of colors when defining the colors and forms of Daylilies for a 3D affect.

Step-by-Step demonstrations will be included such as; color mixing, working light to dark, layering of colors with washes, adding fine detail and finally dry brush detail

to make your watercolor pop.

MATERIALS PROVIDED: Workshop Participants will be provided with a reference photograph of Daylilies, a line drawing, materials list and Gray Scale reference photo upon registration.

You will also be given access to a full demonstration video prior to the Workshop!

HOW TO CONNECT ONLINE: The Workshop will be conducted via Zoom, where we will discuss watercolor techniques, values, creating form, color mixing and how to utilize each technique when painting Daylilies realistically.

Throughout the day of this two day workshop

we will pause to discuss your progress,

determine where you need help and share progress photos

along with live streaming demonstrations. 

PAINTING TIME: We will meet via  Zoom where you will have plenty of painting time and 

live support from the instructor, Brynn to guide you through your creative process.

You will receive an email inviting you to join the Zoom session

the day before the workshop and you may need to download

the Zoom app depending on what device you will be using.

Once you have reserved your spot in the workshop,

you will be directed to all materials needed!


*Additional questions regarding workshops can be found here.

*Please read Terms of Online Workshops here.


Contact Brynn at 

Workshops may fill up fast. Reserve your spot in class Now!


Additional Workshops will be available soon! It is highly recommended

to have a good internet connection for these workshops!

Class is full

Get Inspired! Check out Brynn's portfolio

Sunlight Swim Original Watercolor by Brynn Carroll
Summer Lily by Brynn Carroll
Rose with Water drops by Brynn Carroll
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